Original Church on Apple Street

       At the First United Church of Christ in Cincinnati, you will discover a congregation that does not claim to be perfect. It is a congregation that wrestles with what it means to be a person of faith in the 21st century. At this website, if you look closely you will see a loving story that unfolds behind all of the faces, photographs and words.  


Hoffner Street Building

       At First UCC you will encounter a church with a rich tradition that is proud of its days on Hoffner Street in Northside. When you discover a congregation that is more than 160 years old like ours, it is worth investigating and celebrating. You will find photos of our great traditions that remain like the rummage sale, the sauerkraut dinners and the ladies guild.  


5808 Glenview Ave

           You will also discover on this site a few glimpses into why First Church in College Hill is still relevant today and filled with trust for tomorrow. You will see photos of our health ministry, our local and international mission work, our worship, our beautiful church grounds, our youth, our seniors and a congregation that is rooted in the love of Jesus.    We at First Church are a hopeful people who know that God will be there in our days ahead with more surprises and blessings as God hears our “borning cry.” I invite you to join us online or, even better, in person and discover for yourself the grace, fellowship and love of the Living God here at the First United Church of Christ.