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On Easter Sunday 2018, First United Church of Christ congregation proudly became Open and Affirming

The Following is our covenant:

We, the members of First United Church of Christ, welcome you

If you are Asian, Black, Brown, Hispanic, Native American, or White;  If you are male, female, transgender, or gender non-conforming;
If you are 3 years old, 33 years old, or 103 years old;

If you are from just down the street, from across the country, or from another part of the globe;
If you grew up at Hoffner Church, were confirmed in the Catholic Church, got married in a non-denominational church, worshipped in a synagogue or mosque, 

or have never attended a religious service;

If you are single, married, widowed, divorced, separated, or partnered;
If you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or unsure of your sexuality;
If you are a Democrat, Independent or Republican, affiliated with another political party 

or no party at all;
If you have, or have had, addictions, phobias, or a criminal record;
If you own your home, rent, live with your parents, or are homeless;

If you were baptized at First Church, or are worshipping here for the first time;

If you attend services every week, once a month, or once year;
If you have typical or atypical skills, no matter your abilities or disabilities;
However the rest of the world describes you, and however you describe yourself:
You are a beloved child of God and are welcome at First Church.

Being fully welcome in our community here at First United Church of Christ means that as we keep the love of Christ at the center of all we do, our congregation will:
Always seek to affirm the person that you are with loving hearts and open minds.
Follow the way of Christ Jesus with you in loving and being loved by both God and neighbor, with the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.

Support and encourage you in your ongoing spiritual and religious journey.
Love you for the person you are by living out our denomination’s promise that “No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome at First United Church of Christ.” 

Pastors Page

   June 2019   

As I look at my desk calendar for the month of June events, I realize immediately that the 4th of July will be here in a sparkler glow. Church is packed with many moments that will make the month fly by us. It is a month that offers some holy moments and opportunities to sense the sacred in the fullness and activity of life. You think I exaggerate? Check this out.

The first day in June, anyone and everyone is invited to assist in Garden glorification here at the church as we maintain our beautiful grounds that many use for prayer and meditation.  Garden work here is really an art of prayer and sanctuary. You will no doubt encounter a member or neighbor who give thanks and praise God for the beauty the church creates. The next day at worship we honor our Sunday school volunteers and maybe surprise some others for their dedication and commitment to the faithful. On June 8, we continue our garden work. This time we prepare for our Pentecost Sunday butterfly release. More than 160 butterflies will be distributed among the congregation at our morning service to honor the number of years that First UCC has been in existence. The butterflies also symbolize that we are a Pentecost people who proclaim Spirit’s life and Christ’s resurrection and ascension. In the afternoon on that Sunday, June 9, we are also invited to Fleming UCC for a combined Pentecost service with our UCC brothers and sisters. The following weekend we honor our fathers on the 16th. 

The last two weeks of June we serve the community in different and meaningful ways. On June 18, we hold our community blood drive that shares the gift of life. On June 20, the Ladies Guild invites all to church for the evening to give thanks for volunteerism and fellowship for the church year. Pizza and fellowship for all who come. This is followed by our witness and support at the Pride Parade in downtown Cincinnati on June 22. Along with several of our UCC churches, First UCC will march in the parade and have a booth in the festivities. We proclaim God’s welcome to all people. Education and pastoral care around issues of sexuality and gender identity for the whole community are areas that we can make a difference. Finally, beginning June 23, we host the Interfaith Hospitality Network families who are homeless. Summer is actually the highest time of the year for homelessness. Many families find it difficult to find family or friends willing to take them in for the summer when the children are home all day. Sofa surfing is less possible. Families are feeling stressed with increased childcare responsibilities with school out for summer break. It is this context in which people of faith are called to respond. First UCC does it with grace and sensitivity. 

Summer is full for all of us. The Weyand-Geise sons are all hard at work and play. They get up early for summer employment, then stay out late with friends.  Oh, to be young!  Amy has to work possibly two weeks in June out in California along with her first high school reunion back in Seattlein the middle of the month. We all have a family reunion in Daytonat the end of the month. In all of that, I know you will no doubt see Amy toiling in the dirt and making the garden look gorgeous while building community at the same time. Ike and Ander plan to attend a church camp with their wrestling coach this month along with a few hours that their mother recruits them for church activity or garden work. Nate will likely be part of the Pride Parade crew we have from First UCC. I am glad each of them is finding ways to nurture their soul and share in community.  This is not because they are the “pastor’s kids” or the “pastor’s wife.” They give back to community and to church because their grandparents and great-grandparents did this. They see the value in doing something that benefits more than just themselves. These are gifts to this father/husband/pastor that I will always cherish. 

For all of us there will likely be constant movement in the month of June. I encourage conversations in the garden, at the table, in the car. I suggest prayer in the nighttime or early in the morning at breakfast. As all of us look for summer activity, may we also be intentional in our listening for the Spirit in all moments this June. We’ll be oohing and ahhing at the fireworks on the 4th before we know it. Don’t let this month go by without recognizing the Holy moments in our midst and the opportunities to grow in spirit, faith, and love. 

Yours in Christ,



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Since 1855, First UCC has been celebrating faith, community, and love. We have many wonderful traditions - the Sauerkraut Supper, Rummage Sale, Vacation Bible School, and Ladies Guild - but our appreciation for tradition does not prevent us from constantly discovering what it means to be a person of faith in the 21st century. We now serve a weekly community meal, weekly senior social events, health ministries, and ecumenical & interfaith activities. We at First Church are a hopeful people who know that God will be there in our days ahead with more surprises and blessings. Join us for Sunday worship, or at one of our many ministries or events.  We welcome you into our Family of Faith with open arms.

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